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Fully automatic robot coating line

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We will be setting new standards with the introduction of our fully automatic robot coating line. The system represents a unique selling point in the contract coating sector, and is impressive thanks to its extremely short throughput times, its consistently reproducible quality and its processing costs, which are considerably below those in the area of manual coating.

Processing safety and substrate preparation system

Our key guarantor of quality and processing safety is a six-and-a-half zone substrate preparation system. The iron phosphating, including alkali degreasing, fulfils the automotive requirements. The coating of the components is completed by a Fanuc coating robot of the latest generation. Successively connected fan and drying sections enable a throughput time of approximately 20 minutes. After passing our “Quality Gate”, the components are packaged and delivered – with our own vehicle fleet if required.

High-tech robots coat millions of components

On our robot coating line, components weighing up to 100 kilograms with maximum dimensions of 1,500 mm x 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm can be processed. When the system runs at full capacity, the high-tech robot can coat up to 1,000,000 components per year.

Throughout the process, the requirements of the German Federal Emissions Control Act (BImSchV) regarding volatile organic compounds (VOC) are both complied with and even exceeded.

Exhaust air cleaning system provides for cleaner air

The robot coating line is – like all coating systems – connected to our modern exhaust air cleaning system. Solvents do not pose any problem. This means we can offer our customers the possibility of using faster drying and lower cost coating systems without affecting their own solvent balance.

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Optimized processes


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Robot coating

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Quality assurance

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