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Success always has solid foundations. And that also applies to our success. This is because Hans Stork Betriebsgesellschaft mbH is a family-owned company that has grown on a step-by-step basis over many years. We have followed a single maxim ever since our foundation in the year 1927: we are consistently oriented to our customers’ requirements.

Fulfilling these requirements at all times has always been our driving force. In this respect, the key requirement has always been ensuring a balanced relationship between the traditional and the modern. In this way, firstly, we have always been a trend-setting company and have made a name for ourselves as a driver of innovation in the sector. Stand-out examples of our innovations include our cutting-edge Molecular Sieve Duplex System for exhaust air cleaning – we are the first ever company to launch such as system worldwide – as well as our fully automatic robot coating system, which entered operations at the end of 2017. Secondly, we focus very strongly on traditional values. That includes our location in Dortmund and the highly qualified employees who work there.

A family company — now in its fourth generation

Honoring tradition since 1927

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We are a family company from the best perspective. And we are now in our fourth generation of ownership. Originally founded by Bernhard Krietemeyer in Dortmund in the year 1927, the firm passed to his son-in-law, Hans Stork, in 1959. At that time, however, the area of industrial coatings was very much in the shadow of the then dominant key operational focus of glazing. Over the following years, qualified Master Glazier Hans Stork expanded the Company considerably before handing its stewardship over to his son, Hans-Bernd Stork, in 1971. Hans-Bernd not only shifted the key operational focus of the Company towards coatings, he also laid down the foundations that have allowed us to become the highly-regarded experts for surface technology that we are today. It was under the leadership of Hans-Bernd that the Company first occupied its present location on the Körnebachstraße.

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Today, the Company is managed by Felix and Philip Stork, the sons of Hans-Bernd Stork, who are focusing on its continuous expansion. With the brothers at the helm, the Company is now in its fourth generation of family ownership.

Hans Stork Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

Management team

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Hans-Bernd Stork

Hans-Bernd Stork, born Aug. 6, 1949, in Dortmund, took over the company from his father in 1971. A trained Master Glazier, he is the third generation of the family to lead the company.

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Felix Stork

Felix Stork was born on 14 February 1984. He completed an apprenticeship as an Applied Economics Engineer (Chamber of Crafts), and is a Master Painting and Coatings Expert and FROSIO Inspector Level III (No. 7953).

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Dr. Philip Stork

Dr Philip Stork was born 1 October 1976 and studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt, majoring in surface technology and controlling. After completing his doctorate, he worked in the area of international management consulting at Booz & Company for five years before joining the family firm in May 2011.

Our most valuable asset

Conscientious skilled workers

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Our 110 employees are our most valuable investment. As the mainstay of our Company, they stand for efficient processes and the very best results. With our highly motivated and excellently qualified team of employees, we can also complete short term and specialist tasks to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

As a certified CCI (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Training Company, we provide apprenticeships in the occupations of Process Technician for Coating Technologies and Office Management Assistant.



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Dortmunder Tafel e.V.


Reporting office of Hans Stork Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

Our Whistleblower System

To be able to identify possible risks and compliance violations (also within our supply chain) at an early stage, we have introduced a reporting platform (whistleblower system). Our whistleblower system helps to prevent damage to our employees, our business partners, suppliers, and our company.

Every tip is diligently investigated. We place the highest value on confidentiality. Incoming tips are reviewed and processed by a neutral party. You can find our reporting platform as well as more information about the reporting procedure and the different reporting channels under:


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