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The constant expansion of our vehicle fleet represents a unique selling point in our industry. Equipped with entirely new lifting accessories, individually tailored to each vehicle, we deliver every load to its destination safely. We also take the logical next step and handle the coordination and processing of all kinds of transport. read more...

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Regardless of whether it involves painting countless parts using our fully automatic robot coating line or blasting construction machinery whose weight is measured in tons: with more than 85 years of experience and production facilities with advanced, modern equipment, our family company ensures perfect results — and has been doing since 1927. read more...

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Fire protection coatings for rail vehicles, for example in the field of electromobility, on ships or in the aviation industry, are crucial to ensure safety and operation. The functional coatings provide passive protection against fire and heat by slowing down the spread of flames and smoke. To do so, fire protection coatings are applied to surfaces such as aluminium, steel, concrete, plastic, composite structures or wood. There, they form an insulating or cooling barrier that preserves the integrity of the structures during a fire. read more...

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We work on a flexible and customer-oriented basis, and provide the highest quality results. Yet that isn't enough for us. That is because we can only develop further through the continuous monitoring and improvement of our processes. In this area, the external experts and appraisers who support us and provide confirmation of the quality of our services also make an important contribution. read more...

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