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Worldwide unique exhaust air cleaning system.

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Each paint booth is equipped with a suction device.

We do business in a sustainable manner

At our Company, protecting the environment and business success go hand in hand. This is something that all participants benefit from: the environment, our customers, and we ourselves. Two examples from everyday business life provide particular clarification of our approach: firstly, the recycling of round and sharp grain, and secondly, the use of our exhaust air cleaning system with the first ever Molecular Sieve Duplex System of its kind in the world.

In detail: when blasting steel and stainless steel, we use round and sharp grain blasting agents that we recycle following the process. This means that we achieve considerable advantages in terms of efficiency and costs, which we pass on to our customers in the form of favourable terms and conditions. Harmful substances that arise during the preparation are disposed of on a professional basis.

Industrial liquid painting without limits

Quantity limits do not present us with any problems due to our early-stage investment in environmental protection. In this respect, we completely prevent air pollution from occurring during our coating application processes through exhaust air cleaning with our innovative molecular sieve duplex system. The intelligent design of the system, which was elaborated by the engineering firm Rafflenbeul, allows us to (more than) satisfy the current requirements of both the German “TA Luft” (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control) and the “VOC” (volatile organic compounds) regulations. We are also well-prepared for a possible tightening of the appropriate regulations.

The system ensures that any volatile organic compounds which arise in our cabins and coating booths are extracted and incinerated on a residue-free basis. The waste heat which is generated is used for the purpose of hall heating on a regenerative basis. The incineration process is completed with the minimum of external energy through prior concentration.

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The award of the QIB quality mark ensures the quality of the member companies and their coating processes.

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With QIB approval, the specifications of Deutsche Bahn Standard 918340 for powder coaters, EN 1090 or DIN 55633 and DIN 55634 are met. Further information: www.qib-online.de/ueber-die-qib

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ISO 9001:2015

With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we provide clear proof of the high standard of our quality assurance and of the quality of the products that leave our premises.                            

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IHK Training Company

As a certified CCI Training Company, we train apprentices in the occupations of Process Technician for Coating Technologies and Office Management Assistant.

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CastoDyn DS 8000

Intensive instruction by the Castolin Institute in the area of powder flame spraying with metal powders for corrosion-resistant coatings to customer-supplied CastoDyn DS 8000.

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Your Surface Engineering Specialist

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