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Corrosion protection of steel components

Corrosion protection of steel components stork oberflaechentechnik dortmund

Metal is our thing. To protect steel against corrosion in the best possible way, we offer a perfectly aligned form of substrate treatment and coating. In addition to this comprehensive corrosion protection, our full no-worries package including transport and packaging enables our customers to focus fully on their primary area of business.

We are able to complete blasting processes for the substrate treatment according to all standard purity grades – with different blasting agents as required. Alternatively, we also offer phosphating with solutions from branded manufacturers for the optimum preparation of the coating. Both processes are used on an exceptionally wide variety of steels.

blasting steel parts stork oberflaechentechnik dortmund

Blasting from small to large

For the best blasting results, we combine the blasting agent with the best equipped blasting systems. We offer the maximum flexibility as per the size of the parts which we can blast and phosphate. This ranges from very small components which are especially suited to our steel continuous blasting machine, through to extremely large parts. We process long and flat objects on a specialist rolling conveyor system. This is impressive thanks to its exceptionally short throughput times.

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Multi-shift coating operations

When it comes to the final coating: from small components to machine and vehicle elements weighing several tonnes – there is almost nothing that we can’t transport and coat. Thanks to our multi-shift operations and the latest exhaust air cleaning systems, quantity restrictions do not pose any problem.

steel blasting shops stork oberflaechentechnik dortmund

Large-scale steel blasting shops

With our large-scale steel blasting systems, which have dimensions of up to 20 x 8 x 6 metres, we are able to blast very large components. This approach, which is completed according to the standard purity grade, ensures a completely clean surface and also guarantees the necessary surface roughness which is required to enable the reliable bonding of all kinds of coatings.

Furthermore, due to the fact that we recycle most of the “round grain” and “sharp grain” types of blasting agent that we use, we also achieve cost and efficiency advantages which we pass on to our customers with exceptionally competitive prices and short processing times.

industry coating stork oberflaechentechnik dortmund

The substrate is treated before the coating is applied

Following the perfect treatment of the substrate with phosphating or blasting, a wide range of wet coatings are available which allow for the best possible protection and top visuals. The coatings that we offer range from airless and air-combi processes for water-based and solvent-based materials, to coatings using spray guns, through to electrostatic spray processes. In this respect, each individual spray station and every coating cabin are connected to our molecular sieve duplex system, which prepares air that is contaminated with volatile organic compounds on a continuous basis.

Structural coating processes stork oberflaechentechnik dortmund

Structural coating processes for extensive areas

For maximum matt surfaces, we offer our “structural coating process” This enables the rectification of visual faults which are almost unavoidable on large-scale steel surfaces.

Overhead conveyors stork oberflaechentechnik dortmund

Overhead conveyors and after-burning systems

At our coating facilities, in addition to several spray stands, we also have crane systems which allow us to move components around. Our overhead conveyors – with a total length of 2.2 kilometres – are particularly suitable for the coating of small components. The perfect air conditioning ensures short processing times, and our after-burning system (which naturally complies with the German Federal Emission Protection Directive / BImSchV) ensures clean air. Also integrated in our coating facilities: Optimally equipped and illuminated coating cabins – the foundation for the best results.

highest quality coating agents stork oberflaechentechnik dortmund

Highest quality coating agents

We complete our processing according to specification with the highest quality coating products from leading manufacturers, including PPG, International, Mäder, Valspar and BASF. Our work is completed according to the latest processing guidelines from the coating manufacturers.

In the areas of substrate preparation and coating, we not only offer a collection and delivery service, but also professional packaging of the components. We also have specialist storage facilities for steel if required.

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